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Austin Under 40 Award winner 2019 art & entertainment

Tarik Daniels


Your 2019 Austin Under 40 Awards Winners

This past Saturday, Austin’s best and brightest young professionals were honored at the 21st Austin Under 40 Awards Presented by the Loewy Law Firm (AU40)

Bingham Group was proud to support as the sponsor for the Civics, Government & Public Affairs category. 

Created and hosted by the Young Women’s Alliance (YWA) and Young Men’s Business League (YMBL), AU40 covers 16 categories. 

 • Arts and Entertainment:  Tarik Daniels, an AfroQueer writer, performer, and mental health advocate from Detroit, Michigan, currently residing in Austin, Texas. Tarik is the Founder and Executive Director of Whatsinthemirror?, a social movement that provides mental health awareness and suicide prevention through art and advocacy to communities of color. He is serving his second term as a City Commissioner for Austin’s LGBTQ Quality Of Life Advisory Board.  Tarik has written and produced several plays and released a novel, No Bonds So Strong in 2018.  He was honored with 2019 Outstanding Community Leader from Integral Care and Central Texas Family Support Conference, the longest running  mental health conference for African Americans in the nation.

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Since 1998, the Young Women’s Alliance and the Young Men’s Business League have partnered annually to host a series of events culminating in the Austin Under 40 Awards—a black-tie event honoring and celebrating Austin’s emerging professionals and their mentors. These individuals are recognized in 16 categories: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction; Arts and Entertainment; Civics, Government, and Public Affairs; Culinary Arts, Events, and Hospitality; Energy, Mobility, and Transportation; Financial and Insurance Services; Innovation and Start up; Journalism, Marketing, and Public Relations; Legal; Medicine and Healthcare; Nonprofit Service; Real Estate; Sports, Wellness, and Fitness; Technology; Youth and Education; Mentor of the Year. The awards serve not only to commend individuals such as Michael Dell, Dan Graham, Kendra Scott, and Andy Roddick for their leadership and achievements, but more importantly, to raise money for two philanthropic beneficiaries. 

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What Works for US PODCAST SHOW

All Black All Queer

Black And Queer Conversational Podcast Hosted By Mental Health Advocate and  Author Tarik Daniels (Mistertelltales) and Fashion Blogger and Style Enthusiast Eric Edmonson of the The E.L.E. Code.

"We Taking Back Our Culture Yall


Mistertelltales Blog


Tarik Daniels

"Unapologetically Black, Unapologetically Queer. I write about the realm we exist in of intersectionality and bondage"

Born and Raised in Detroit. Tarik got his first taste of theater in the church, appearing in several gospel plays during his teenage years. A graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Double Major in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Theater, he appeared in college productions of The Dutchman and Six Degrees of Separation. After a few years in Atlanta, Georgia, he relocated to Austin,Texas to start his journey in professional theater and playwright. Tarik wrote and produced his first play, The Counseling Session in 2016, which was nominated by BROADWAY WORLD AUSTIN for Best Original Script and co-produced by the City of Austin. He has since written three more plays, STIGMA, Rose University, & Prettyboy Realness. In 2015, he founded and currently serve as Executive Director of WHATSINTHEMIRROR?, an 501c3 non profit and social movement that provides mental health and suicide prevention through art and advocacy to people of color.  As an AfroQueer writer, his work focuses on the struggles and mistreatment of the black queer man in America. He was also appointed as a City Commissioner of the LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Board by the City of Austin City Council in August 2017, currently serving 2nd term. 

No Bonds So Strong

No Bonds So Strong is AVAILABLE now on AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLES.

No Bonds So Strong is a coming to age story about four black queer friends growing up in the streets of Detroit. Faced with the drug culture, diseases, homelessness, violence, and the lack of the black father, these friends must lean on each other to make it out alive. When many of us don't. 


The Counseling Session, A Play

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Love is Real. Mental health is Real. The pain of a broken heart is Real. An abomination of the church is definitely Real. Life is not predictable; instead, it is directed through experiences and choices: choices that sometimes lead to our destruction.

In The Counseling Session, we explore the concepts of love, mental health, the Church, and the consequences of our actions through the life of Lionel, a young college student, who is struggling with his blossoming sexuality and the devastation of a broken heart.

As a result of inner turmoil, Lionel looks at life in a mirror that is not clear; a mirror that is fogged by the teachings of his father—a man who is still overcoming a past of near self-destruction.

Tragedy forces Lionel to seek help from Dr. Michelle, a therapist who challenges him to alter the reflection of the mirror in which he views his life. This story takes us to a place of understanding and completion, just to remind us that there is always a price to pay for our actions.

The Counseling Session is a part of the No Bonds So Strong universe written by Author Tarik Daniels. Lionel is the cousin of Trayvon from the novel, No Bonds So Strong




Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

No Bonds So Strong is a coming of age drama about four black queer friends growing up in Detroit. Plagued by the absence of the black father, Trayvon, Eman, Robert, and JayJay must rely on their friendship with each other to survive the adversities of being young, black,and queer in inner city America. In a culture of drugs, rape, disease,and violence against their very existence, their future isn't promised and without guidance, their lives starts on a journey of heartaches and heartbreaks. After losing one of their own, and having new dreams to move forward in Atlanta, they are now faced with the challenge of making it to the next chapter of their destiny, when far too many don't. 

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