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Love is Real. Mental health is Real. The pain of a broken heart is Real. An abomination of the church is definitely Real. Life is not predictable; instead, it is directed through experiences and choices: choices that sometimes lead to our destruction.

In The Counseling Session, we explore the concepts of love, mental health, the Church, and the consequences of our actions through the life of Lionel, a young college student, who is struggling with his blossoming sexuality and the devastation of a broken heart.

As a result of inner turmoil, Lionel looks at life in a mirror that is not clear; a mirror that is fogged by the teachings of his father—a man who is still overcoming a past of near self-destruction.

Tragedy forces Lionel to seek help from Dr. Michelle, a therapist who challenges him to alter the reflection of the mirror in which he views his life. This story takes us to a place of understanding and completion, just to remind us that there is always a price to pay for our actions.

The Counseling Session is a part of the No Bonds So Strong universe written by Author Tarik Daniels. Lionel is the cousin of Trayvon from the novel, No Bonds So Strong.

About The Counseling Session, A Play

Production History


The Counseling Session had its premiere on July 6, 2016 at Santa Cruz Theater in Austin, Texas. It ran for six shows and was produced by Whatsinthemirror? and directed by Luis Ordaz Guiterrez. It starred Mercury McKnight as Lionel, Mae Rose Hill as Dr. Michelle, William Boyles as Daniel, and NeNe Clayton as Amanda. It received a nomination from Broadway World Austin for Best Original Play-Script.